Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trying to make a difference......

Rebeka Verea Foundation turned a tradgedy into a mission. During their Annual Lunch In over 10 different High Schools
attend. The foundation's mission is to cause awarness about safe driving. Rebeka was their daughter & her life was taken in the hands of her friend;a reckless teenage driver. To make things worst the horrific accident happened shortly after her graduation. For 3 years strong her mother & father have dedicated themselves abundently to protect our future; the KIDs!

Ben & Jerry's from River Walk in West New York, NJ were there supporting the foundation. Ice cream just makes life better.

At Rebelaire we believe in this cause and donate our talents and wisdom to this lucky group. Big shouts to all the students who were present remember to RETHINK! We came up with a slogan to get to the teens and Rethink was it. REthink things over before making decisions. Most importantly weigh your options out and do whats best for yourself. Rethink is something we could all live by.

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