Monday, November 5, 2007

Feelings of enchanment; sneakers, music, & liquor!

Three years ago, we attended our first Sneaker Pimps event in Philadelphia. Custom sneakers covered the walls from top to bottom. At this event you could get a tatoo or watch a live artist turn icy whites into art. The crowd was melow & the beats were early 90s. It was a long ride from nyc to philly but well worth it.
For Rebelaire was wearing diapers at this point and the urge to potty train was enlogged in our brains. Especially, after Peter stopped Nelson & complemented him on his footwear. He was rocking "the purple haze" dunk hi's, his own creation. Months later Sneaker Pimps made its way to NYC. The event was "RIDICULOUS." and has remained HUGE, with hot performers, & way way more ILL sneakers!!!

In Spring of 06' we were vendors at Dunk X Change in nyc. They opted the walls for tables. Tables that were dressed up with exclusive Jordans, Dunks, Af1s and underground brands like Palis, BKC, Sneak Tip; etc. The crowd is allowed to walk in with sneakers of their own to trade or sell. On everyone's thoughts is hu$tling and networking. Its obviou$ why Rebelaire fits right at home with Dunkxchange. The vibe is energetic, the hosts are always entertaining, and best of all people come out with MONEY in there pocket$.
Its great to be part of the events; when the two merge. The best part is to see how huge the crowds are. The sizes of the crowds that come out are always big in different area codes. Its a $eriou$ movement. You dig!
This past October Nas performed 20min + an extra half hour at the Sneaker Pimps/ DunkXchange. We all worked so hard and got the best pay off -- ILLMATIC live. My generation this is LOVE! Nas was humble and expressed how good he felt about standing on that stage with that crowd infront of him. He was told to perform 20 min. good thing he's his own MAN! To everyone who came out!! You guys were fresh to death, lots of you were drunk,
But all of us made history in NEW YORK CITY.

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