Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Condolences to my family & to the West Family !!

Last week, our family received news thats has kept us in sorrow. Mama Melin- passed 11/8/07. At 80 she was the head of a huge family and in fair health. Her character was admirable. She was honest, humble and helped the unfortunate in her home Dominican Republic.
If you weren't family and had the joy of meeting her, u feel our pain. Her memory will stay alive in our hearts and her wisdom will be passed to the younger generatons.
Sharing similar Grief! I must mention Kanye West !
On Saturday 11/10/07, Ms West passed due to post surgery complications. The saddest part of all is that two days after her death was her birthday. To me its distrubing and hits really close to home. Kanye has lyrically expressed his love, respect and appreciation for his mother to the world. We could only imagine how much he is suffering.
Both these women were single mothers who took initatives to raise their children the RIGHT way !! Placed no man before their babies. To my family & the West Family stay strong. Its easy to get mad at God and blame him for taking them but in reality God is our savior.
The one thing we're guarannteed on this earth is our death. To all of us this should serve as awarness. IF you're not right and you treat your love one's like crap (the way you treat yourself) then you need to snap out it. For there might still be time to reconnect with your family. Make peace !! Love God and Love Yourself! Make pleasant memories for our younger generations. End the selfishness !

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